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There was a time during the late 1990’s when apocalypse movies were the in-thing. Filmmakers feasted upon the idea of the world ending by the second millenium and Satan unleashing his forces on the earth and humans going extinct. The barrage of films included End of Days, Deep Impact, Armageddon…

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To put Seethakaathi in the form of words will be injustice to its essence. I will try my best to bring out the Infinity it has portrayed.

The film constantly revolves around reflections in every frame. It begins with the protagonist being a novice in theatre art. While his life…

My father and I, through the years, 1994–2014

The duty of a son towards his father is to make others wonder
what great deeds did the father do to deserve such a son

-Thirukkural (Chapter 7:70)

My father was a kind man. You could see it in his eyes; He wouldn’t hurt a fly. I remember how as…

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According to Plato, there exist ideals from a higher reality for every human being to arrive at the truth. In Idealism, The truth is absolute.

Move beyond that and modern day existentialism claims that humans ascribe some sort of purpose to their lives while agreeing that their existence is too…

The king of pop. Who doesn’t know MJ?

Beat it. Bad. Dangerous. Black or white. These aren’t mere words. They bring up those heart thumping beats in my head. The moment I tune into one of those tracks, I lose voluntary control over my spirit and soul.

So what is…

From an Indian doc’s perspective

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Millenials haven’t seen certain things the artists from the Renaissance have. War. Famines. Plagues. These words might resonate strongly in books like Homo deus, Inferno. What happens when an apparently invisible creature takes over the whole world?

Makes humankind seem primitive in their approach?


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Neuroscience is an emerging field. With data analytics and quantum computing on the verge of cracking the singularity, we are at the precipice of complete neural localization of the brain – something similar to the art of finding out which specific area in the frontal lobe of the brain is…

The Philosophy of The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy portrays the best version of the popular comic book hero, who goes by the same name. The Batman has been my favourite character ever since I was a kid. Not just the heroic fantasy, but the dark underlying reality that…

Dheeraj Panchaksharam


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